Not a single day longer

I wrote this as a note on my phone earlier, as I have taken to mini journaling on my phone. I did then later take to my notebook journal and wrote, however. I have written these types of posts a few times and have kept them in my drafts, fearful of posting them online. But this one feels real, it feels more raw than anything in a long time after a recent knock down over the last weekend, and I wanted to get it out. This is quite a lot different to other posts, so I apologise if it is too much, but then should I be apologising for being real?

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February positive diary

February has been far from an easy month, so I thought I would focus on some of the positives and share some nice photos I’ve taken. I dug my mirrorless camera out recently after neglecting it for some time, and have enjoyed using it to take more quality shots than my phone, so I hope you enjoy them too.

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Why I deleted my social media apps

Last Saturday night I had a moment of bravery. I deleted my social media apps. Since last Saturday I have said goodbye to Instagram and tumblr, and also deleted my (very extremely rarely used) Facebook and Twitter apps, with the intention of not using them for, well, at least a good few weeks. I haven’t let go of YouTube, as to me that isn’t ‘social media’ in a damaging way, I only follow about 4 people who actively post videos anyway.

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I am enough

This is a surprisingly personal post, I suppose I am surprising myself by writing this. One of the things I want to do with the New Year here is attempt to blog more regularly. I enjoy writing, and want to connect better with the outside world. So with it being the seventh day of the New Year, I supposed I ought to get started. This will maybe be quite a rambly post, just an advanced warning!

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